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Ignition waveforms can identify engine drivability problems, but modern Coil On Plug (COP) systems have module drivers built into them so they have no primary waveform. This makes diagnostics difficult. The ECOP quickly attaches to the coil housing or ignition wire capturing a clear ignition waveform; making problems quick and easy to diagnose using any oscilloscope.

ECOP Covers all ignition systems

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Only 1 ECOP is necessary, but to take full advantage of all your scopes channels consider a set of ECOPs


ECOPs will work with all Oscilloscopes!

ECOP Individual (COP1000) contents

ECOP Set of 4 (COP1004) contents

ECOP Set of 8 (COP1008) contents

ECOP set of 4
ECOP set of 8

Single ECOP

4 ECOP's

8 ECOP's

ECOP wire clips
ECOP wire clips
ECOP wire clips

1 set of wire clips

4 sets of wire clips

8 sets of wire clips

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