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EFlash Limited Programmer (EFD1000-1030) SALE PRICE $395.00!

Click here to buy it now.

Those of you who specialize on one or two makes, may not need 30+ vehicle coverage provided by EFlash Programmer. To better serve the needs of service professionals who specialize in only one or two makes, ATS offers a cost saving option for select models, called EFlash Limited.

The J2534 Standard will soon make the EFlash Programmer into a factory scan tool for Toyota and Honda. The software must be purchased from the manufacturer.

There are four EFlash Limited passthrough programming cables to choose from:

  • Each works with a single make or with a group of vehicles sharing a common
    data protocol.
  • Each is a self-contained J2534 interface made of a shop-tough cable with an embedded, weather-tight passthrough module.
  • Each compact USB interface is ready to roll and easy to use: just connect the correct interface cable between your PC and the vehicle DLC, and Flash away!

Now you can Flash select key and antitheft systems and load the latest calibration
codes in modules that support reprogramming in the following vehicles:

  • GM – VPW and CAN
  • Ford – PWM and CAN
  • Chrysler – SCI and CAN vehicles
  • Asian/European – ISO and CAN

The need for vehicle programming will only increase
in coming years, and some vehicle repairs cannot
be completed without a reflash.

Flash reprogramming is not rocket science, but we do recommend that you observe the following to assure best results:

  • Flash programming should be done only by individuals with good PC skills, working in a safe, stable, approved environment.
  • Use a virus-free personal computer with plenty of room on the hard drive. Make sure your PC meets the minimum hardware standards set by the OEM (processor type, memory, etc).
  • Read and follow OEM instructions and recommendations: observe all cautions.
  • Purchase only OEM vehicle software.
  • Use a ripple free charger.

We know you have questions. We understand. That's why we encourage you to call us today. We don't just take your money and then disappear. You can expect the same high quality support for EFlash that you've come to expect from all ATS products however, many reprogramming problems will have to be solved by the manufacturer.

  • EFlash Limited Programmer cable
  • EFlash Limited Programmer software
  • Free software updates!
  • Free technical support!

Note: ATS does not supply OEM software. All Flash upgrades and related utilities
must be purchased from the appropriate vehicle manufacturer. For a list of all OEM web sites, visit where you'll find a master list of service links for all major vehicle manufacturers.

The EFlash Limited Asian/European (ISO/Can) (P/N EFD1030) will now allow the factory Toyota Techstream Lite Software to run on your PC!

Techstream Lite will allow full factory diagnostic functions on 1996 and later Toyota, Scion, and Lexus vehicles. This will include; a full factory scan tool, factory calibrations for reflashing all on-board modules, all technical information and wiring diagrams, and as of Dec. 2009 Identifix direct hit information for all Toyota vehicles.

EFlash Limited Asian/European (ISO/Can) (EFD1030) Sale Price $395.00
Techstream Lite software for your PC offered through Toyota

Click here to buy it now.


EFlash Limited Chrysler (SCI/CAN)
(P/N EFD1020)
Interface is PC based and will allow user to reprogram all Chrysler vehicles that are OBD II J2534-1 compliant. EFlash Limited will reflash most Chrysler modules, flash the latest calibration codes and much more. Requires Chrysler reprogramming software.

EFlash Limited Asian/European (ISO/CAN)
(P/N EFD1030)

Interface is PC based and will allow user to reprogram Asian & European vehicles that are OBD II J2534-1 compliant. Requires manufacturer specific software.

User must be proficient with a PC to properly use the
EFlash Limited Programmer.

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