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Camshaft timing off by one tooth?


That’s a very difficult challenge that will take hours of your time to prove. What if we told you that you could tell if the camshaft timing is off by as little as one tooth, in as little as five minutes. You would think we were CRAZY…. Well we aren’t! Our iEA - Intelligent Engine Analyzer uses advanced technology to check the pressure changes in the cylinders THROUGH THE SPARK PLUG HOLE!


INCREDIBLE? We think so.


Got a random misfire code, miss-identified misfire code, or no code at all, and the vehicle is misfiring? Another very difficult challenge that will take hours of your time to figure out. Our iEA shows you which cylinder or cylinders are missing through the exhaust tailpipe and then checks the mechanical condition of the cylinder through the spark plug hole in just minutes! ATS’ revolutionary iEA software automatically identifies problems and alerts the technician; saving hours of diagnostic time.


View large, colorful, razor sharp waveforms on your hi-res PC display. No laptop? No problem. We’ll load the iEA onto a customized, shop-tough laptop, and ship you the works, ready to roll. Just fire it up and go.


Just look what the iEA can do for You!


• Quickly identifies camshaft timing problems through the spark plug hole.

• Quickly identifies misfiring cylinders from the exhaust tail pipe.

• Finds problem cylinders and identifies them quickly.

• Misfire counters provide information on which cylinders misfired and counts

 how many times the misfire occurred.

• Will alert you to a bank misfire, random misfire, or individual misfire.

• Checks cranking, intake and exhaust pressure pulsation confirming mechanical condition of engine quickly.

• Checks restricted exhaust system.

• Checks ignition timing.

• Chosen one of the TOP 20 TOOLS of 2008 by Motor Magazine and one of the TOP 10 TOOLS of 2008 by Undercar Digest!

• Converts pressure transducer voltage to actual pressure or vacuum readings

• Powers up and reads up to four Pressure Transducers at one time.

• Can be used in conjunction with all ATS diagnostic equipment.

• Free software updates!

• Free technical support!

iEA (EMI1030) contents

iEA EMI1030 kit
iEA 14mm compression tester adapter

14mm Compression Tester Adapter

iEA 18mm compression tester adapter

18mm Compression Tester Adapter

iEA inductive trigger pickup

Inductive Trigger Pickup

iEA pressure transducer cables

Pressure Transducer Cables

iEA phono jack to phono jack cable

Phono Jack to Phono Jack Cable

iEA exhaust tail pipe hose

Exhaust Tail Pipe Hose

iEA amplifier

iEA Amplifier

iEA spark tester with rf filter

iEA Spark Tester with RF Filter

iEA trigger filter

iEA Trigger Filter

iEA exhaust sensor

iEA Exhaust Sensor

iEA -30hg vacuum transducer

-30hg Vacuum Transducer

iEA 300psi transducer

300psi Transducer

iEA 3/8in hose adapter

3/8in Hose Adapter

iEA 1/4in hose adapter

1/4in Hose Adapter

ATS USB software card

USB Software Card

iEA quick connect coupler

Quick Connect Coupler

iEA 14mm spacer

14mm Spacer for Short Thread Spark Plug Hole

iEA BNC trigger filter extension

BNC Trigger Filter extension for EScope Pro

iEA Intelligent Engine Analyzer (EMissFireDetector®) - Rev 1.09, Released 7/13/2016


Learn How to Install the iEA Update


Download the iEA installation/update:

 iEA Installation


The EScope driver must be installed before the iEA (EMissFireDetector) software will operate even if operating in Demo Mode. See the EScope Pro® or EScope LimitedTM software update section for these download links.


iEA Download and Installation of latest version-Rev 1.09:


Quick Start Instructions:


• Download the iEA update above and save it to your “My Documents” folder.

• The iEA program will only run if you have an ATS EScope (Pro, Limited, or Original). You must also obtain a passcode from ATS to enable the program and this is only possible if you have purchased the iEA . The passcode is locked to your EScope hardware and does not change from installation to installation (i.e. you only need to enter it once).


For more detailed for instructions on installing the iEA update, click here.


Revision History (most recent version can be downloaded above):


7/13/2016: Rev 1.09:


• Added Pressure Testers video tutorial that used to be a separate video to main program.  New icon that works better with all backgrounds.



6/20/2016: Rev 1.08:


• New Logo and Icon, minor 1999 BMW V8/12 changes.


7/16/2014: Rev 1.07:


• Revision 1.06 had the incorrect scaling factors for the 300psi and 30”Hg sensors.  This has been fixed and is very important to install version 1.07 if presently using 1.06.  Note that revisions 1.05 and earlier do not have this problem.

• In misfire mode, an error will often pop-up warning “!! Not Connected or Poor Connection !!” if using the latest +/-25” H2O sensor even when the sensor was working properly.  This issue has been resolved.


6/13/2014: Rev 1.06:


• Setup for 1280x728 screen size default (wide screens). Do not install this update if your screen resolution is less than 1280x728.

• Updated multiple GM and other firing patterns.

• Added file loaded file name to be displayed on front panel text.

• Fixed problem on preferences screen that locked up application if you closed window using 'X'.

• Added Rev2 30HG and 300PSI pressure sensors.

• Modified scaling for Rev2 of Vacuum and 300 psi sensors.


2/03/2012: Rev 1.05:


• Updated scaling for newer pressure transducers.


3/24/2011: Rev 1.04:


• Added multiple Engine block pictures and firing orders through the year 2011.

• Added new Flash based user's manual that can be accessed from the Help/EMissFireDetector Manual menu.

• Added ability to auto adjust window size when increasing for larger screens.

• Added option to print with grey background on graphs to save ink.

• On Tools Menu, if no other tools are found it will say "No Other Tools Installed" instead of saying nothing.

• Changed the installation directory from  c:\Program Files to to  c:\Automotive Test Solutions to keep all ATS programs, settings, and data files in one location that Windows will not prevent access to.


12/22/2009: Rev 1.03:


• Optimized to work better with Windows 7.

• Added "Size to 1024x574 (Netbooks)" option.

• Allowed user to close window (X).

• Changed zeroing routine.

• Changed Trigger setup to work better with original Escope


03/04/2009: Rev 1.02:


•  Added numerous engines to engine database and updated some of the images.

•  Updated setup pictures to have more detail and reflect new setup for compression.

•  Enabled demo mode playback of binary (.bin) files. Previously this was limited to one second text (.txt) files. Also made playback mode speed similar to actual data collection speed (it’s much faster!). Program will now automatically switch between default Misfire and Compression demo files unless a custom demo file has been selected.

• Added “RPM” indicator to “Measure” tab.

• Made significant changes to Compression analysis including the following:

• Added “Camshaft Timing” analysis for intake and exhaust camshaft timing.

• Added “Ignition Timing” analysis.

• Added “Approximate Idle” analysis

• Added “Expected Compression” analysis for both “Cranking” and “Snap Throttle”.

• Added “Vacuum” analysis that compares calculated vacuum in cylinder to vacuum measured from Hg sensor at vacuum port.

• Compression (300 psi) sensor is now to be used on Channel 3 and Vacuum (30”Hg) sensor is now to be used on Channel 4. This allows Misfire (20”H20) sensor to be left on Channel 1 when switching between Misfire and Compression testing.


10/5/2008: Rev 1.01:


• Modified sensitivity limits on automated adjustments.

•  Enabled report generation for misfire results.


9/12/2008: Rev 1.00:


• Major enhancements to automated misfire analysis accuracy.

• Enabled “Steady Miss”, “Random Miss”, “Bank 1 Miss”, and “Bank2 Miss” indicators.

• Simplified some of the misfire setup adjustments. There is now a “Coarse Sensitivity” and “Fine Sensitivity” adjustment to increase sensitivity of detections.

• Changed calculation for “Misfire %” to be based on recent history instead of all history since counting began.

• Setup MISFIRE/COMPRESSION modes to ask mode at startup. Depending on which mode is selected, items on Configuration, Misfires, and Compression tabs will disappear if they do not apply to configuration. Switching between modes is easier to understand.

• Edited and added more help that displays when you press the ‘?’ buttons on each tab




NI Driver and EScope download (Only need if installing EMissFire Detector for the first time or re-installing the EMissFire):


The NI driver must to be installed before the EMissFire Detector software will operate. The driver is required even if operating the EMissFire Detector software in Demo Mode. Click on the links below to download the driver and EScope software:


Driver with MAX (only needed if having problems with core driver):


EScope Pro® download (Download this is you have the 8-channel scope)


EScope LimitedTM download (Download this if you have the 4-channel scope)




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