Sherwood on Bullseye Leak Detection


Bullseye Leak Seeker Foam

Just wanted to say thanks for such a great tool! It took us a while to bite the bullet and buy it but now I'm mad at myself for waiting so long. We have been trying to find a leak on a 2001 Toyota Highlander for 6 months. Small leak code kept coming back no matter what we did. We smoke tested it more times than I care to remember. We replaced the carbon canister and both vacuum valves along with several hoses. Still had the same problem. We told the client, who was being very patient, that we were going to order your tool and see if it would help us find the leak. We connected it and the detector went off above the fuel tank. We dropped the tank a little and sprayed the area with the detector foam. It turned yellow so we knew we were on the right path. We dropped the tank and sealed it. We put carbon dioxide in it and sprayed. The video shows the results. The picture shows what it looks like with the smoke machine hooked up.


Again, thank you for such a great tool. I know you guys work very hard to develop tools that work in the real world and you hit this one out of the park.


Sherwood Cooke

Royalty Auto Service






Dave Buckshaw on EScope Pro


Dear ATS,

I joined Autolite nearly 5 years ago and right away invested in your EScope pro, EIgnition and EScope limited products. Frankly these past several years I had only used ATS' scopes for vehicle diagnostics as that's all I had in the tool box! I grew up with a Tektronix 422 on my bench and even with that scope as a stark comparison to my Escope I just didn't fully appreciate just how great your product really was until I got caught up trying to grab a suspected fuel injector waveform with a popular 2 channel product. By the time I got some of the information needed I was so frustrated I was ready to drive across town to grab my Escope!


It was then that I understood precisely why a few of my driveability students would sometimes look at me funny when I told them how using an oscilloscope could save them time and effort as part of their diagnostic routine. They were most likely using a bundled scan tool with a scope function that's an afterthought or a scopemeter that was designed for bench electronic work.


I now know from personal experience that not just any scope will hook up fast to a car and find issues. It pays to have a scope that's designed by service professionals specifically for technicians. You may not think you need 4 or 8 traces with 2 time bases and on-board pressure transducers but once you've fixed a few problem children you wont want to use anything less. I know I won't use anything else and I'm glad bought the right stuff the first time!


Thanks for a great product and super support!


Dave Buckshaw - Sr. Technical Trainer/Media Producer

Autolite Spark Plugs




Rusty Flake on EScope Ltd


Rusty is so impressed with ATS that he turned his Harley into a rolling billboard for ATS equipment. Thanks Rusty!

Custom ATS Motorcycle




Rick O'Neil on EScope Pro


My ATS EScope Pro has saved me lots of time during road tests because I can hook up to multiple CKT's at one time. One example was a 2001 Grand Prix that a customer recently brought in. The customer complained the car would not rev over 2800 rpm. It was almost like it was hitting a rev limiter. The cell was on with misfire codes storied in the computer. With my EScope I was able to look at multiple sensors at the same time. On a test drive it didn't take long to get the car to act up. I was able to store the road test and come back to the shop and revue the data. The EScope gives me the ability to turn off different channels’ to sort out the data. After enlarging the data I was able to see when the problem was occurring the 7X crank signal was failing.


The EScope’s eight channels helped solve the problem quickly with as little driving around as possible. It also lets you drive and diagnose the vehicle by your self so you’re not tying up two people. The Internet tech support is a great help as well. The EScope has the ability to help anyone learn to become a better tech.


Rick O'Neil







Raymond Paquette on Pressure Transducers


To Bernie and the people at ATS,




I've been a shop owner for over 20 years. When one of your techs spends hours checking a problem car then says "I think it's a converter" it's not a very comforting feeling. The car was a 2003 Hyundai Santa-Fe, 2.4 liter with 73386 miles. The customer complaint was no power, car will idle but would not rev above 1500. We checked the computer for codes, fuel pressure, and intake restriction and they all checked ok. The feeling was a possible blocked exhaust or clogged cat. unfortunately taking out the o2 sensor or lowering the exhaust would take the rest of the morning. We recently acquired the pressure transducer set from ATS which we use to check timing belt alignment and decided to try checking back pressure in a cylinder. After removing one spark plug and installing the pressure transducer, we checked the wave form. it was clear there was little pressure drop when the exhaust valve opened. So either the converter was clogged or the exhaust valve was not opening, little chance of that. This whole test took less than 15 minutes which was less time than taking out the 02. Making my job a lot easier. Thanks ATS.


Raymond Paquette





John Berkheimer on the Engine Performance Training Video:




The students really liked the "engine performance material", and the graphics and details were super! Great stuff for us instructors trying to get certain concepts across! If "a picture is worth a thousand words", then a 3-D graphic may be worth ten thousand!


John Berkheimer

Thaddeus Stevens College Of Technology




Check out this cool creation!


Custom ATS boat



Just wanted to drop ATS a line and a picture from the minimal regatta entry we placed in Sundays race and won. This is an annual event held at the schooner warf bar on the harbor. The rules are you must build a boat out of 1 4 x 8 1/4 in sheet of plywood, 2 8 ft 2x4s, a pound of screws/fasteners and a 60 yard roll of duct tape. Paint is optional and no sealers or caulking. Our entry was the Speedy conch zales . Painted ATS yellow and Your logo on the bow. Oh, we won fastest kayak design. Have a great day and keep up the good work. Your system rocks.




Donnie Wilson

Monroe Tire & Auto Service





John Anello on EScope:




I have been using the Escope and I must say that it has been an excellent enhancement to my arsenal of equipment. I already own two 4-trace scopes and two 2-trace scopes, but there is nothing to compare when using an 8-trace scope where you can actually view 8 input traces such as injector voltage waveform patterns, timing signals or computer powers and grounds all at once. This is not just an 8-trace scope but rather doubles as two 8-trace scopes on a selected dual screen set-up that can be set to two different time bases using the same input leads. This would be handy when viewing fast signals (Crank, Cam, Coil primary, Injectors) and slow signals (TPS, Map, O2) at the same time with both charts being synchronized together. This dual scope screen feature also allows signals to overlay one another and allows a user to better understand the associations the signals hold with one another. The EScope includes a 6-channel signal generator that has the ability to create dual O2 sensor outputs at any frequency and amplitude, drive coil devices and output a variable 5 volt ref signal in a linear or digital mode.


"This is a learning tool within itself and I consider it to be the must have tool for the new millennium tech!"


John Anello

Auto Tech On Wheels





John Mc Laughlin on EScope:



ATS is extremely convenient. For average and above average technicians it is a huge time saver. Easy to hook up for intermittent drivability problems. With 8 Channels you can usually get the problem in one test drive. With thin 1/16” diameter wiring, you don’t have to worry about crushing or cutting leads. You go for your test drive, hit the button and save the data. You can re-set the system and get several data files of the same problem just to be sure you’ve got it. But, you usually get what you need on the first pass.


“You can hook up and save data in a matter of seconds.”


It is great to have the Injector and 02 toggle (sensor) on the same screen. With the dual timing, analysis is quick. You can save the data and take it home for analysis.


“You can pulse injectors for as long as you like.”


“A sharp technician won’t let go of this system.”


It is worth mentioning again that it is convenient for test drives. You don’t have to worry about the hood. It only takes a few seconds to save the data. The 6 feet of cords is great and with the extensions you get 18 feet.


You can take data home for analysis. You can plug the analysis into other programs like AES Waveform Library and Paint.


“I do testing the way I want to do it."



John Mc Laughlin on EIgnition:



For me until now I had no confidence in “DIS” secondary ignition scope patterns waveform’s displayed on a conventional ignition scope, Capacitive [octopus style] pick-up probes that are out of calibration and usually of a fragile nature [and expensive to replace] have to be in good working order or the waveform displayed will not be an accurate representation, or may be distorted, or may cause scope synchronization problems if the tester is trying to invert negatively firing cylinders unsuccessfully, when connecting capacitive probes you have to figure out which cylinders are firing positive or negative and which probes are connected to which cylinders, and if somebody previously replaced the spark plug wires, positively firing cylinders may now be negative firing, and even after figuring out all that the waveform display may be very unstable and yield very little useful information, My way around this frustrating problem [if it fells like an ignition misfire] was to install new spark plug wires, test drive the vehicle, and if the misfire is gone, call the customer and recommend new plugs and wires and hope that it gets approved so that I don’t have to switch back the old one’s.


With my EIgnition Tester there is no more guessing, the first thing that struck me about the EIgnition is that it is connected directly to the secondary circuit [no more capacitive probes]. No need to pay attention to firing order and positive & negative firing cylinders during lead hookup, just fire up the engine and make all adjustments directly in the EIgnition control panel, were the negative firing cylinders can be inverted etc. Each cylinder wave form has its own color code which makes cylinder identification a snap, now I also have the ability to perform a cylinder balance test, kill any cylinder I want to when I want to, trigger on any or all cylinders, trigger on a injector or display an injector or 02 sensor wave at the same time, I now have confidence in the “stable” waveform display and am gaining a lot of experience in diagnosing not only secondary ignition problems, but also those subtle misfire/drivability problems associated with injector, low compression, valve seating and EGR problems.


John Mc Laughlin

Tuolumne Street Auto Electric & Repair




Dave Lang on ATS:




It’s rare when automotive diagnostic equipment delivers its promised value. Our EScope, EIgnition Analyzer, Emission 5 Gas and tower are the exception. They have eclipsed our expectations. Our imagination not the tooling is our only diagnostic limitation. If we know what it is we want to see, this machine will capture, display and save it quickly and easily.


Deep record saves 10 seconds of 8 channel inputs at top resolution continually updating in a loop. A single button allows for capture and the zoom functions make for easy scrolling and examination. If you can make it to the scope within 10 seconds of the intermittent you’ve captured it. Multiple color graphs of max KV, burn timer, exhaust gases along with frequency and dwell counters, TTL outputs and Mosfet pull downs makes this the command station for combustion and engine management monitoring.


"If your shop is engaged in electronic diagnosis on modern vehicles, there is no more powerful or versatile tooling made. It’s not nice. It’s mandatory. Once you have used this system you will never go back."


Dave Lang

Independent Volvo Service




Fred Wilson on EScope:




We have had ours for about six months. We are still learning new ways to use it. Last week we used it to monitor all seven relevant PCM inputs and outputs on a Civic intermittent no spark. When the PCM igniter drive failed we were able to verify that the PCM was bad because all the other waveforms remained normal. With our old two channel scope we had to guess which to look at first and Igniter drive would have not been in the first test set. Today we used it with a First Look pressure sensor to verify that a Toyota 3SFE did not have significant valve leakage after a bad water pump caused a timing belt failure. The Labview based interface is intuitive and easy to set up. Our “scope shy” techs have been more willing to use it than other scopes we have had. Bernie has been very helpful when we have had questions or problems. He designed this to fill a desire he had for better tools, got world class engineering to help to design it, and it shows when you use it. We have not found anything to gripe about.


Fred Wilson

High Road Automotive





Mark Kalez on EScope:



2001 Toyota MR2 Spider screen shot


This is a screen shot of a problem with a 2001 Toyota MR2 Spider electronic power steering. The steering computer sets a code and shuts down the system if it senses 100 Amps or more for more than .1 seconds. Try to catch that (and show it to a customer) with anyone else's equipment!


Love the machine,




Mark Kalez

Pacific Tire & Brake





Tony Martin on Etrainer:


student working with ETrainer


Thought you would like to see a photo of our ETrainer being put to work. I have started working on ETrainer worksheets collectively, giving individual students the opportunity to lead the next "troubleshooting adventure." I use a Modis scope and put the image up on the screen for all to see. Each of the students have the reference information in front of them so they can make suggestions on what to try next, etc.




Tony Martin

University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau




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