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ATS designs and sells premium automotive test equipment, backed by service after the sale.




A Motor Magazine TOP 20 TOOL Winner for 2014!


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BULLSEYELeak Detector quickly and precisely locates theleak site.BULLSEYELeak Seeker Foamsprays onto leak site & changes color to indicate exact location.BULLSEYELeak DetectorAccurately finds head gasket problems.BULLSEYELeak DetectorQuickly finds wheel and tire problems.


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Automotive Test Solutions is a multi-national award winning company for innovative thinking that produces tool solutions to the automotive industries.

Established in 2001, ATS manufactures oscilloscopes, OBD II generic scan tools, ignition analyzers, gas analyzers, misfire detectors, pressure transducers,

engine simulators, diagnostic stands, leak detectors, and a number of high tech training products to serve the automotive technician.


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