2007 Ford Mustang Engine Cutting out between 2000 & 2500 RPM – Crankshaft Sensor Issue

In this video, Bernie heads to a shop to help diagnose a 2007 Ford Mustang that cuts out from 2000 – 2500 RPM. The vehicle has a new engine and few fault codes. Currently stored was a P0320 Ignition / Distributor Engine Speed Input Circuit (crankshaft sensor) and the shop mentioned a module failure code was present at some point, but not currently stored. Bernie connects the eSCOPE 8-channel scope to monitor the ECM inputs and outputs. Ignition coils were all firing, but an immediate problem with the firing of injector number 4 is seen. With further inspection Bernie sees a downward bump on the crankshaft sensor signal that could be the root cause. See how he filtered the signal to remove the bump, prove it is causing the engine to cut out and then quickly locate the cause of all of it. A misaligned crankshaft sensor.

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