Diagnosing a Misfire & Lower Power on 2018 Honda Accord 1.5 Turbocharged Engine P0304

Bernie visits a local shop to help diagnose and fine the cause of an engine misfire on a 2018 Honda Accord with a Turbocharged 1.5 liter engine. The fault code P0304 freeze frame data shows a misfire at light load at about 3800 RPM. Freeze frame data is integral to this diagnosis, showing when the misfire occurred and possible causes. Next, live data points Bernie toward a fuel injector issue, it showed short and long term fuel trim taking away fuel, with a total fuel trim of -17.9%. Bernie uses eCOP ignition pickups to analyze ignition waveforms, identifying carbon tracing on the spark plugs. This leaves Bernie having to find the cause of the carbon tracing on the spark plugs. This particular Honda engine has coil fired GDI fuel injectors, so they can be drop tested like port style fuel injectors. Bernie uses his eSCOPE to activate the injectors to test fuel pressure drop and faulty drop amounts are found. The vehicle will need new fuel injectors as well as new spark plugs (due to carbon tracing) to remedy this misfire.

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