Diagnosing a 2011 VW Jetta 2.5 Engine Stalling When Cold No Fault Codes (DTCs) Stored

The VW Jetta in this video has an engine that will stall mostly when cold and as the engine warms up, the stalling becomes less prevalent or goes away completely. No fault codes are stored. So Bernie has to be careful not to warm the engine up too much during his diagnosis, or he will lose the window when the issue is more consistent. The eSCOPE 8 -channel scope is connected to camshaft, crankshaft, fuel injectors and ignition to gather enough data to get direction right away. The input signals (Camshaft / crankshaft) are both consistent to the ECM but the injector signal drops out. With that information, Bernie monitors ECM power, ground, and current draw as well as some basic PIDs. Using this information, the ECM is determined to be faulty.

See some great techniques here, including how to see if the ECM is trying to keep a stalling engine running, how to tell if camshaft / crankshaft signal are shutting down injectors and much more. Another masterclass from Bernie.

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