See How To Diagnose an Engine with a High Idle on a 2004 Infinity FX45 With Fault Code P0507

Bernie hits the road again, this time to a shop that needs help diagnosing a high idle on a 2004 Infinity FX45 with a P0507 fault code, Idle speed control system higher than expected. After a quick scan, Bernie finds more than just a P0507 stored. The other stored fault codes were: P0301 cylinder 1 misfire, P1111 – Intake Valve Timing (IVT) CONTROL SOLENOID VALVE on Bank 1, P1136 Intake Valve Timing (IVT) CONTROL SOLENOID VALVE on Bank 2, P1145 Intake Valve Timing (IVT) CONTROL Position sensor on Bank 2. Indicating a possible engine timing issue. See how basic camshaft and crankshaft timing rules of thumb are applied as Bernie works his way through the diagnosis using an 8-channel lab scope as well as pressure transducers. The final diagnosis reveals a damaged camshaft target wheel.

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