Diagnosing a 2000 Ford F250 7.3 Lower Power with Knocking Under Heavy Load Caused by A leaking Injector

Bernie shows us how to locate and diagnose a leaking fuel injector causing low power and misfire under load on a Ford 7.3 diesel engine. Using a 4-channel scope paired with a low current probe and knock sensor the vehicle is quickly diagnosed from the driver seat. A common issue on these engines the camshaft sensor signal, Bernie shows us how to determine is the signal is good as well as the magnetic intensity. During a test drive, the misfire is duplicated and confirmed all while recording the data. A quick review shows us cylinder speed fluctations expected with a misfire paired with a knock event from cylinder 8. These items together indicate a leaking injector. Although other cylinders indicate a misfire when looking at crankshaft speed using the 4-channel scope, these misfires can also ne attributed to the leaking injector at cylinder 8.

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